Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I love testimonials, but this is greatest. I recently received this list to put on my propoganda and had to share them.

Dear Mr Townsend: Riding a Townsend Bike not only has given me street creds, but I now have a flock of the hottest groupies you've ever seen. I call them the Mellow Yellow Bunnies

My new Townsend bike attracts so much attention I'm expecting Phil and Paul to visit for an interview any day

My new Townsend bike climbs so well that Marco Pantani came to me in a dream asking to borrow it.

My new Townsend bike rides so comfy that I've taken to riding without shorts.

Did a Cross race the other day. My new Townsend bike carried ME up the rocky hill.

My new Townsend track bike is so fast that they had to call the fire department to hose down the boards after my last training session.

My new Townsend Commuter is so cool that all the neighborhood dogs and cats escort me to the grocery store. And each marks his special place on the machine.

The only problem with my Townsend bike is that she wants a kiss each time I ride her. I don't mind.

Your most loyal customer



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